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The Trinity Explained to 10-Year-Old Alan Foster

Alan Foster was riding home after playing baseball with his friends. It was a warm spring day, and he stopped as he rode past the church. The doors and windows were wide open, the lights were on and the choir was rehearsing. They were singing “Holy, Holy, Holy.”

Alan loved the hymn but wished it was sung more frequently. He reasoned, “Sunday must be Holy Trinity Sunday.”

Sunday arrived, he was in Sunday School class and got to wondering, so he asked his Sunday School teacher, Mr. Patrick, to explain the Holy Trinity. “Do we believe in three Gods?” Alan asked, “I thought we believe in only one God?”

“Good question, Alan,” his 5th grade Sunday School teacher Mr. Patrick replied as he was scratching his head wondering if he could give a satisfactory answer. Then Mr Patrick said, “Let me explain the Holy Trinity to you by taking you on a field trip. I will drive you to my farm.”

So the students, Billy Malm, Johnny Palmer, Alan Foster, Cindy Lind, Eldon Peterson, Marv Anderson all got into Mr. Patrick’s 1950 Oldsmobile station wagon, Billy, Marv and Eldon got into third seat and they rode to Mr. Patrick’s farm.

They got out of the Oldsmobile at the farm and Mr. Patrick showed them his tractor. “Take a look” he said, “it’s a John Deere tractor with three wheels, one up front and two in the back. One tractor, three wheels.” Then they walked to the side of the barn and he pointed to all the implements:  a rake, a three-bottom plow, a mower, a hay bailer, a disk, a planter, a hay wagon and a manure spreader.

“Now all of those farm implements are just sitting doing nothing, but when I drive my John Deere tractor with three wheels over and hook the tractor to one of the implements, I can plow, bail hay, rake….I can  farm. But those implements will just sit there until they are connected to the three wheel John Deere.”

One tractor, three wheels.

“That’s like us,” Mr. Patrick said, “We just sit idle until we are hooked up to the three in one trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We have one God, known three ways: God our creator, Jesus our teacher, friend and redeemer and the Holy Spirit our conscience and constant companion. We have one God known to us in three ways. When we get hooked up to God, life is good.”