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Reflections from Pastor Steve

In Memoriam: Pastor Greg Moser

Wearing black mourning dress is a custom followed in many countries dating at least to the Roman Empire. In some parts of Europe, widows wore black for the rest of their lives; some brought the custom to America wearing black for at least two years.

Wearing black for a year or more can be a reminder that mourning is not overcome quickly but continues longer than expected.

On Christmas Eve many at LCM will still be “wearing black.” It was a year ago at the conclusion of the 4:00 worship service when all learned their beloved Pastor Moser had died. Arriving at church to welcome the newborn Jesus, the faithful left in sorrow and tears.

It is a year later and grieving continues.

But joy comes as we remember with thanksgiving his years of ministry at LCM. Pastor Moser was at the front door Sunday mornings welcoming worshippers upon their arrival. He was an ambassador of welcome throughout the Carol Steam community.

The members of LCM provided ministry to those serving in the military by supporting Pastor Moser’s ministry as a chaplain to the National Guard.

Pastor Moser initiated a model Confirmation ministry at LCM. Ours is not a student “drop off” program, he insisted, parents are expected to participate with their son/daughter in Confirmation instruction. Parents grumbled loudly at first, but did comply and in doing so became enthusiastic supporters of this ministry. Parents learned as much about the faith as did their child and were better able to discuss the faith with their child. In addition, parents built lasting friendships with other parents.

Many a tear has been shed walking past the flag pole on the church property, a flag pole dedicated to Pastor Greg Moser. The tears shed have been filled with sorrow at his untimely death, but also tears of joy that God graced Lutheran Church of the Master with his presence, his leadership, his skills, his pastoral expertise, his friendship and his good humor.

We still miss you, Pastor Moser.

– Stephen H. Swanson

(Jennifer Moser writes: “LCM has been in our prayers and more so as we approach this week.”)